The Most Improved Award is presented to the student who has the most improvement in learning English at Meadow English Learning Center for the particular month. A student has to demonstrate an obvious improvement in his or her learning; including the attitude towards learning English.

September 2007

Dear Scarlett Jon,

Scarlett has been doing really well and she has become very good at correctly grammatical mistakes. She also tries hard to find out words and speak as much as possible. She amazed me with how well she did with articles. Well done and

Dear Cody Woo,

Cody has been improving a lot lately. He can sound the words out beautifully. With the phonic system I am using, Cody is able to follow the instructions, learn the sounds correctly and use it on his reading. I am very pleased with Codys improvement. Congratulations on receiving the Most Improved award! Dont quit, and keep up the good work!

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