My Best Award is presented to students who are considered as the best boy student and the best girl student of the particular month. A student has to demonstrate the attitude of eager to learn with proactive attributes.


October 2005

Dear Nicole,

I have observed a great improvement in your work and enthusiasm recently. You have shown excellent progression and understanding. You possess a great learning attitude and you also find time to help your classmates when you have finished your work. This is very warm to see and demonstrates the kind of student and person you really are. If you continue with this great attitude I have no doubt that you will become a top performing student. Well done!

Dear Ram,

Your performance has been excellent since you started at Meadow and you continue to progress at a consistent rate. You are a great student with a positive and bright attitude and you always work very hard in class. You totally deserve this month��s Best Student prize! Great work!! Well done!!

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