My Best Award is presented to students who are considered as the best boy student and the best girl student of the particular month. A student has to demonstrate the attitude of eager to learn with proactive attributes.


July 2005

Dear Joseph,
I want to congratulate you on achieving this month's "Best Student Award". I have been very impressed with your hard work and willingness to learn. You always do you best and work very hard in every class. You especially enjoy learning new vocabulary and your comprehension is excellent for your level. You are a fantastic student with a very bright future! A BIG well done! Keep up the hard work!

Dear Karman,
Congratulations! I have decided to give this month's "Best Student Award". Your class contribution and comprehension improve with every class. You always give 110% and listen carefully to what is being said. In addition your behaviour is absolutely impeccable. Well done and thank you! You are an absolute pleasure to teach. Well done!! Keep up the good work!!





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