Students will learn the phonological structure of oral language and its representation in written language in this programme. It is designed to strengthen students’ spelling and reading abilities through phonetic games, reading and videos.
We believe that the traditional phonics systems are for the kids who were brought up in a complete English environment. Therefore, our teachers have enhanced the Meadow phonics system that is a unique phonics system to fit the needs of Hong Kong students.
There are three different phonics classes. They are elementary, intermediate and advanced level. The courses include basic phonetics skills, new vocabulary, reading and games. The elementary and intermediate levels are designed for primary students who will learn basic phonetic skills such as long and short vowels, consonants, blends and combinations. We also provide monthly performance reports to the parents to monitor student's learning progress.

Meadow English Learning Center is a great place to ignite your children's interest in learning English. Our school centers on a close-knitted team working together to form fun learning and loving environment. We are completely dedicated towards the on-going happiness and educational needs of our students and their parents. Our devoted and enthusiastic team is extremely proud of the bonds we have formed and the smiles on our student's faces. Meadow English is a small school with a big heart and a warm family atmosphere. So, come and join the fun of learning and become part of the ever-growing Meadow family!

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